2021 Cheer Registration


You Will Pay At Your Fitting

Step 1. Print off all forms: Activity Dates Schedule, Fundraiser Form, and Physical Form.
Step 2. Click the “2021 Sportabase Registration” link below. You will be routed to our registration website. Follow the registration instructions.
***Please pay in person with a cash, check, debit, or credit card at equipment issue (dates are located on activity date sheet). ($200)

Click here for details on financial assistance or if you wish to make payment plan
Step 3. Print off the registration confirmation.
PLEASE NOTE: Upon equipment issue, you will need Registration Fee $125, Mandatory Fundraiser $75, Fundraiser Forms, and Physical Form.
*If you have outstanding football equipment, cheer equipment, or owe money to CYFA, your child will not be allowed to participate until your account is settled.

Before you register print these forms:
Activity Date Schedule
Fundraiser Forms
Physical Form