Cheer Rules and Guidelines





1. Membership is open to 1st though 6th grade girls attending Claremore and the surrounding areas and must sign up during spring registration. ONLINE
2. Girls registering must:
    1. Be willing to commit to attend ALL practices and games.
    2. Be willing to use good grooming and high standards of character.
    3. Be willing to put forth her best efforts in school.

A.  All girls will be placed on squads according to grade level.
B.  Squads are determined by number of football teams.
C.  Squads will be assigned to a football team. If we have 2 teams and only 1 cheer squad for a grade, squads will cheer multiple games. 
D.  All cheer placements on squads are final for the season.












A.  Practice and Game attendance is mandatory. Your Squad depends on you as a part of their team!
B. Attendance at regular and post season games for the entire game is mandatory.
C. Competition is offered for grades 3rd through 6th and is optional.  Each squad Coach will determine if the squad attends a   competition.  Competition is optional and must be decided prior to competition practices. Once a commitment is made to attend competition all practices are absolutely mandatory. Additional fees apply (approx. $35-$50). 
E. All girls must be at the field 30-45 minutes prior to the game (Coach sets the time).  If late, she will not be allowed to perform during the first quarter and must sit on the bench.
F. Pick-up from camp, practice and games must be within five minutes of the end of said scheduled event.  Girls who are not picked  up within the time period on two occasions (need not be consecutive) will be benched at the next game. CYFA coaches have volunteered  to coach during scheduled events, it is very important for you to be on time to pick up your child. Coaches cannot transport cheerleaders to and from practices or games.


A. Coaches need to be notified of an absence prior to the event in order to be excused.
B. Situations needing special consideration for absence will be dealt with on an individual basis. 
C. Going out of town will only be excused one time per season.
D. A girl cannot perform in the first quarter of the game and during half time, if she did not attend the preceding practice.
E. More than two unexcused absences from games will result in suspension from the squad.

















1.  Each cheerleader is expected to attend ALL practices.  All practices are mandatory unless a cheerleader is ill.  In the event    a practice must be missed, the Coach should be notified. It is important to be on time to practice.  Missed practices and not being on  time to practice may result in non participation during parts of games.  
2. Cheerleaders should wear appropriate clothing and shoes to practice in.  Athletic shoes, socks, t-shirt and shorts are appropriate. Girls wearing flip flops or jeans to practice will sit out.  Athletic cheer or dance shoes and stretchable clothing is very important.
3. Cheerleaders should come to practice prepared and ready to learn.  There is a limited amount of time and lots of things to work on.  Coaches will supply parents and cheerleaders with information regarding appropriate behavior during practice and games.  Information    will also be provided about actions taken when a cheerleader’s behavior is inappropriate or un-sportsman like.

4. Coaches are not allowed to transport cheerleaders to and from games and practices.
5.  Coaches will determine all practice times and locations.
6.  Practice time regulations:
Mighty-mite cheerleader may practice a maximum of three days per week. Each practice shall not   exceed 1 ˝ hour in length from the scheduled start time. Third or fourth cheerleader may practice a maximum of three days per   week. Each practice shall not exceed two (2) hours in length from the scheduled start time. Fifth & sixth cheerleader may practice       a maximum of four days per week. Each practice shall not exceed two (2) hours in length from the scheduled start time.
7. A Coach may set extra practice as needed, but must not exceed the maximum hours as indicated above

8. NO CELL PHONES at Practices or Games! Coaches will take cell phones that are seen during practices or games and return them    to ONLY a parent, after Practice or Games. 














1.  Cheerleaders need to be at the football field 30-45 minutes before each game (Coaches will set times).  This allows the squad to find each other and do some warm up stretches before going on the field.  If a cheerleader is going to be absent, the Coach needs to be notified before the game.  
2.  Each cheerleader should be in full uniform to cheer.  Full uniform includes:  cheer shell top, cheer skirt, briefs, cheer or dance     shoes, white socks, and ribbon in hair.   Uniformity is important!  Everyone on the squad needs to look the same.  If cheerleader is      not in complete uniform, she will not perform at half time.  For cooler weather, mid turtlenecks and /or uniform jacket is required.    Other cheer accessories such as ear-warmers and gloves will be deterimined by the Coach.
3.  Each cheerleader should wear her hair up and off her face, so it does not bother her during practices and games.  She is required     to wear a ribbon in her hair.
4.  Cheerleaders should be ready to cheer and pay attention to the game.  Between cheers each cheerleader is expected to stand at attention with her hands behind her back, facing the field to watch the game.
5.  Each cheerleader is expected to cheer a full game unless she becomes sick. 
6.  Cheerleaders should bring their own water bottle to each game.  Girls should eat before the game so they are not hungry during      the game.
7.  Every cheerleader is expected to stand and salute the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each game whether cheering for that game or not.  Parents and relatives should stop and salute the flag during this time also.
8.  If a cheerleader should be come ill, or needs to use the restroom during a game, she will be sent to her parents so she can get      the necessary attention. 
9.  No gum or candy is allowed.
10.  No nail polish.
11. No jewelry allowed-- this includes earrings.   This is an INFC rule, and CYFA can be fined if girls are wearing jewelry.   Newly pierced ears are no exception, but can be covered up with band-aids.
12.  In the event that a football player from either team becomes injured and the game is stopped, all cheerleaders need to face the

inured player on bended knee.   This requires one knee on the grass and both hands on the other knee.  When the injured player gets     up, cheerleaders may stand again and cheer if the crowd does.   
13. Each cheerleader will have the opportunity to be the Captain during a game.  Captain’s duties include calling out cheers and      chants and leading by example.
14.  The Coach will find out from the Football Coach if a game is canceled due to weather conditions.  The Sponsor will then call       and e-mail everyone on the squad as soon as the cancellation has been announced.  If you do not hear from your Sponsor, assume       that the game is on as scheduled.

15. NO CELL PHONES at Practices or Games! Coaches will take cell phones that are seen during practices or games and return them to ONLY a parent, after Practice or Games. 






A. Girls should be well groomed.
B. The official uniform consists of CYFA shell top, skirt, briefs, white no show socks, hair bow, mid turtle neck, and CYFA warm up. All other items are not allowed unless the coach approves and all squad member wear the item, such at leggings, gloves, ponchos, sweatshirts, or pink out items. 
C. Uniform must be kept clean, neat, and in good repair.  
D. Appropriate undergarments should be worn.
E. Hair must be kept clean and away from face and shoulders.
F. No gum chewing or candy eating during camp, practices, or games.
G. No jewelry allowed.
H. No nail polish for all cheerleaders! Conservative use of make-up for 5th & 6th grade.
I.  If Coach determines that extra gear is required such as sweatshirts, wind suits, ponchos, or gloves, each cheerleader is responsible for buying and wearing such items.












A.  Listens to instructions.
B.  Is cooperative and enthusiastic.
C. Helps and encourages others.
D. Does not use profane, obscene, or rude language.
E. Is punctual and maintains a good attendance record.
F. Shows respect for Coaches and instructors.
G. Uses time well (does not waste time).
H. Thinks of cheerleading/pom as a squad effort, rather than an individual performance.
I. Makes Sponsor aware of impending absence or problems.
J. Refrains from hurtful comments to or about others and is sensitive to other’s feelings.
K. Refrains from negative behavior toward other squads.




















A.  Any girl who fails to comply with any of the rules and regulations is subject to discipline.  Such discipline will be for conduct unbecoming of a CYFA member or any CYFA activity.  This includes conduct that brings embarrassment or distracts from the image of    the group.

B. Discipline will follow the progressive format:
    1. Verbal warning by the Coach. Push -Ups, Crunches, and Running.
    2. If the behavior continues following the verbal warning, the girl will be 
       isolated from the group until the behavior is under control. 
    3. If the behavior continues, the Coach will make parental contact.
    4. If the behavior continues following parental contact, a discipline report will be submitted to  CYFA for disciplinary action, which may result in suspension. 


1. Cheerleaders are encouraged to wear their cheer uniform to school the Friday before each game to promote school spirit.  However,  the skirt does not meet school dress policies so your child will need to wear leggings or warm up pants under her CYFA skirt. 
2. Game admission is $3-$4.00 for adults and $2-$3.00 for children.  Cheerleaders get in free when wearing their cheer uniform. 
3. Games are generally 1 hour long for Mighty Mites, and 1.5 to 2 hours for 3rd through 6th grades. The clock stops for time-outs, and  some games may go into overtime. Cheering at ALL games is mandatory (Rain or Shine).
4.  Maps and driving directions to all fields, can be found on the
INFC website:
5.  Game schedules are released about three days prior to the first game.
6.  Parents are encouraged to stay during practices and participate during games, but please remember to let the cheerleading Coaches do their jobs.  If for any reason a problem should arise, contact the Coach after the practice or game and not during.















A.  Shows good spirit and sportsmanship at all times.
B.  Good audience interaction.
C.  Good strong jumps.
D.  Good timing.
E.  Completes all movements.
F.  No lazy, flying arms.
G. Good tight fists.
H.  Good sharp movements.
I.  Pointed toes.
J. Good voice projection.
K.  Uses a variety of jumps.
L. Able to memorize routines.
M. Shows good rhythmic ability.





































































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